Tygart Hydroelectric Project
Authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1935, Tygart Dam was the first of 16 flood control projects of the
Pittsburgh District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The dam provides flood protection for the Tygart River
Valley as well as for the Monongahela and upper Ohio Rivers. In addition to flood control, the Tygart dam
was also authorized for navigation and water supply purposes. During the summer and fall low-water
season, water is released from the dam to meet the requirements for navigation on the Monongahela and
Ohio Rivers. The increased flow also improves water quality and quantity for domestic and industrial use,
recreation,aesthetics and aquatic life.
River: Tygart

Project Capacity: 30 MW

Expected Generation:
93,000 MWH

Estimated project cost: $60 million
Tygart LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of AHS, has received  
its original 50 year License from the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission. For details please select this link to
FERC and enter the docket number P-12613.

This extraordinary project will provide a low cost per kW
construction in a compact, low impact and low risk fashion.

Construction is expected to begin as soon as the balance of
permitting has been completed.