Jennings Randolph Hydroelectric Project
The Jennings Randolph Dam (previously known as Bloomington Lake Dam) is on the North Branch of
the Potomac River near the towns of Barnum, WV and Swanton, MD. It was completed in 1985 by the US
Army Corps of Engineers, (Baltimore District) for the purposes of flood control, water supply, recreation
and natural resource management.
River: North Branch Potomac

Project Capacity: 14 MW

Expected Generation: 55,500 MWh

Estimated project cost: $43 million
This exciting project will consist of a new tunnel to
be bored around the dam and into the left
descending abutment to deliver water from a
multilevel intake system to a new power house just
downstream. Thanks to an innovative design
concept this project will provide a very low
construction cost per kilowatt without making any
changes to the way the dam is operated.

Fairlawn LLC, A wholly owned subsidiary of AHS,
has been awarded a license by the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission in March of 2012. To
review this license and other project documentation
please select this link to
FERC and enter the docket
number P-12715.